Monday, August 11, 2008

Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO Marketing, and Direct Mail in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio. August 10, 2008 --- New design firm with graphic design, web design, SEO marketing, direct mail and mailing service capabilities.  We just recently relocated from North Carolina, bringing our business back to where it belongs.

McIntyre Media has a combined 11 years experience in helping your business succeed. We have experience with large marketing campaigns (such as Quizno’s, the Hyatt Casinos, and Time Warner) down to small business start-ups.

Our goal at McIntyre Media is to provide businesses in Cleveland, Ohio the opportunity to reach present and current customers more effectively through solid graphic design and web design. Linking you to your customers is the most important thing for a business. Not only is it important in gaining new customers, it is even more imperative to keep the ones you have.